"I took Thriving as a Corporate Dropout this summer. It really got me thinking about what I DO want from my work, how I need to make a change in my work situation, and it motivated me to start looking into other career options. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is sitting on the fence, wondering whether to make a change or not."

Maggie C.

Thriving as a Corporate Dropout

Have you fantasized about leaving your job?
Have you wondered if there is life after leaving the corporate world?
Will I be okay if I leave?
Is it really possible to be joyful AND make a living?
Do you think this is the worst economy in which to leave your job? (Not so.)
Join me in this interactive class on dropping out of the corporate world, coming out at the other end, and living a life with meaning and joy! Learn what it takes to make this transition and become clear on the next steps to reclaiming your life.

This class will be offered in Spring 2012. For more information,  contact Laureen via

or call (510) 685-0262.

Laureen Asato left the corporate world after 20 years in the high tech software industry. While she loved her work for many years, she eventually found the long commute, crazy deadlines, and repetitive churn unsatisfying and numbing.  When she left, she could not have predicted all the things she would learn in the transition to her new life as a corporate dropout coach. Now she specializes in supporting people in making the transition from their corporate careers to whatever is next. She has never regretted her decision to leave and she  loves her new life.